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ANPT Annual Conference Poster Submissions

Submission are now closed

The ANPT program committee invites poster submissions that support these annual conference aims. We welcome submissions of any topic relevant to neurologic physical therapy, including but not limited to:

  1. Original research
  2. Evidence-based documents and practices
    1. Review of evidence on assessments, interventions, or diagnostic groups
    2. Clinical practice guidelines, meta-analyses, systematic reviews, EDGE documents
    3. Implementation of evidence-based practices
    4. Employing evidence-based practices in specific practice settings (e.g., acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient, home health, education, etc.)
  3. Integration of evidence and guidelines into education
  4. Perspectives from the patient and caregiver lens
  5. Shared decision-making research, frameworks, or application to practice
  6. Interdisciplinary team approach to neurorehabilitation
  7. Telerehabilitation, including assessment and treatment
  8. Rehabilitation for patients with Covid-19, long-haul Covid, and other Covid related sequelae


The ANPT Annual Conference Program Committee is excited to launch a new approach to poster presentations through the use of #betterposter and traditional posters.

Poster sessions, which often attempt to communicate nearly 50 new findings in less than an hour, represent an opportunity for efficient, mass learning. However, most poster sessions fall far short of this goal, by crowding too much text on the poster.  The #betterposter layout incorporates empirically derived principles from the field of User Experience Design (UX) to better communicate scientific findings.  This layout maximizes the amount of information provided to attendees walking by, while minimizing interaction cost in accordance with best practices in UX design and theories explaining how people browse and consume information.  The key is ensuring that your poster is visually appealing and eye-catching, identifies evidence based critical takeaways, and translates findings in a creative meaningful way. 

To help guide those choosing to present using the #betterposter format we’ve even created our own ANPT Annual Conference template and suggest viewing the YouTube video link here for further insight.

There is a $50 submission fee. All poster submissions will be reviewed by the Annual Conference Poster Review Committee. Meeting registration, travel and hotel accommodations are the presenter's responsibility.  Authors will be notified of the status of their submission by the end of April 2024. 

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