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In the January 2021 issue of the Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy, the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy Board of Directors published a position paper, Moving Forward, on  Evidence-Based vs. Traditional Treatments. 

This document supports the ANPT position to emphasize the use of the best available evidence and research in the treatment of adults with acute-onset movement disorders following neurological injury. After decades of debate over the different treatment methods the ANPT Board of Directors felt it was time to provide a statement as to ANPT's position for the membership. 

To assist in the dissemination of resources and tools associated with the position paper, the Moving Forward Task Force was appointed in April of 2021. The Evidence Elevates resources are in development to help integrate evidence to elevate the profession, practice and patient outcomes. 

Strength of Evidence Pyramid

When reading journal articles, consider where the article’s study design falls on the evidence pyramid. How strong is the evidence being presented? Should it guide your practice?

Resources to Support Moving Forward:

The Moving Forward Task Force is creating resources to assist clinicians and educators in addressing the need to support the use of current, evidence-based strategies for neurologic rehabilitation and reducing the use of traditional treatments.


The Moving Forward Task Forces will be releasing podcasts that take a deeper look into how Evidence Elevates physical therapy practice.


Meet the Evidence Elevates Task Force who are creating resources to support the Moving Forward "Evidence Elevates" campaign.

Evidence Elevates Virtual Town Hall Recording


Letter to the Editor:

Moving Forward Taskforce’s Letter to the Editor on "The Effectiveness of the Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Method on Gait Parameters in Patients with Stroke: A Systematic Review" 

Questions and comments may be submitted through this form. 

 Moving Forward Task Force 

Laura Doyle, PT, MPT*
Heather Hayes, DPT, PhD, CSRS, CEEAA*
Herb Karpatkin, PT, DSc, MSCS*
Ryan Knight, PT, DPT (Co-Chair)
Jennifer Lotter, PT, DPT, CSRS
Parminder K. Padgett, PT, DPT*
Lauren Snowdon, PT, DPT
Hallie Zeleznik, PT, DPT* (Co-Chair)

*All the Physical Therapists above are Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialists.

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