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Brain Injury SIG 

Mission and Objectives


  • Provide an avenue for communication among clinicians, educators, and researchers regarding brain injury rehabilitation.
  • Act as a liaison between interested members of the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy/APTA and other organizations with interest in brain injury rehabilitation.


  • Facilitate and coordinate brain injury research efforts-identify need, priority, and encourage collaboration across settings.
  • Support efforts to make brain injury databases available to PTs.
  • Facilitate consistency in documentation.


  • Support the publication of articles and related information regarding brain injury in Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy publications.
  • Support professional education efforts focusing on brain injury.
  • Provide a network for brain injury prevention education.


  • Monitor legislation which have an impact on brain injury survivors or might alter physical therapy service delivery to the survivors.



Mary Beth A. Osborne PT, DPT, NCS 

Vice Chair

Jennifer Fernandez PT, DPT, NCS, PCS


Allison Miller PT, DPT, NCS

Nominating Committee

Laura Gerhardt PT, DPT, NCS

Hannah Foster PT, DPT, NCS, CBIS

Dana Lott PT, DPT, NCS


Mild Brain Injury:  Traumatic Brain Injury Tool Kit from the US Army Medical Department 

Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center:  Multiple Topic Traumatic Brain Injury Related Factsheets 

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