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The Vestibular Rehabilitation Special Interest Group (VR SIG) is an extension of the APTA Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy. Its membership focus is centered on supporting the practice of physical therapists and physical therapy assistants who treat patients with vestibular related disorders. By providing a network of collaboration and education the group fosters opportunities to highlight and build solid foundations of clinical practice to provide care and management of patients with balance and movement disorders relating to vestibular deficits.


The mission of the Vestibular Rehabilitation special interest group (VR SIG) is to provide a forum for APTA Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy members who have a common interest in the promotion of health, wellness, optimal function, and quality of life for individuals with balance and vestibular disorders. The VR SIG is committed to facilitating advances in physical therapy for patient management, education, research and health care policy that reflect the needs of those we serve.


  • Provide a network for clinicians, educators and researchers as a vestibular rehabilitation resource. 
    Inform the membership of SIG activities through the SIG newsletter. 
  • Use the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy web site for exchange of information between SIG members and as an information resource for other health care professionals. 
  • Act as a liaison between SIG members and organizations with interest in vestibular rehabilitation.


  • Facilitate exchange of information that would impact the treatment of the vestibular patient between researchers and clinicians.


  • Provide educational programming with the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy to include topics of interest to SIG members. 
  • Update members regarding current research and treatment through the SIG newsletter and provide a forum for discussion of topics related to vestibular rehabilitation at APTA national meetings.


  • Monitor and share information on reimbursement systems and the coverage policies for vestibular rehabilitation.

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Anne Galgon, PT, PhD, NCS 



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