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The Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy (JNPT)

Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy (JNPT) is the official, Medline indexed, quarterly publication of the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy a component of the American Physical Therapy Association. JNPT is the primary peer-reviewed, indexed resource for advancing neurologic physical therapy practice through the dissemination of definitive evidence, translation of clinically relevant knowledge, and integration of theory into education, practice, and research..JNPT publishes research articles, systematic reviews, case reports, and special interest papers that contribute to the development of theory, evidence and the effective use of physical therapy for individuals with neurologic conditions. JNPT has a Journal Citations Reports Impact Factor of 4.655 in the category of Rehabilitation, JNPT is ranked 10 of 68 in the Rehab category. 

Included are articles related to, but not limited to examination, evaluation, prognosis, intervention, and outcomes that span the continuum from pathophysiology to ability. The journal contains original research as well as integration and interpretation from the diverse areas of study that contribute to the formulation of neurologic physical therapy. 

Accessing JNPT

ANPT members have early access to issues and free downloads of the past year's articles. To access, log into your ANPT account by clicking here. Supplemental content such as videos and podcasts can also be accessed at the journal website.

ANPT members with these APTA member classifications will not receive print copies of the journal: Partner member, PT Students, PTA Students, Career Starter Dues/Transfer member, Life, Life 2 and Retired.

The journal is published quarterly: January, April, July and October.


JNPT Associate Editors and Editorial Board Members 

Editor in Chief

George D. Fulk, PT, PhD, FAPTA, Department of Physical Therapy Education, Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY, USA,

Associate Editors

Digital Media EditorPierce Boyne, PT, DPT, PhD*, Cincinnati, OH, USA

International Editor: Valerie Pomeroy, PT, PhD, FCSP, East Anglia, Norwich, UK

Terry Ellis, PT, PhD*, Boston, MA, USA

Kathleen Gill-Body, DPT, MS, FAPTA*, Boston, MA, USA

Joyce Gomes-Osman, PT, PhD, Miami, FL, USA

Teresa Kimberley, PT, PhD, Boston, MA, USA

Anne Kloos, PT, PhD*, Columbus OH, USA

Merrill Landers, PT, PhD+, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Catherine Lang, PT, PhD, FAPTA, St. Louis, MO, US

Darcy Reisman, PT, PhD, FAPTA, Newark, DE, USA

Michael Schubert, PT, PhD, FAPTA, Baltimore, MD, USA


* All the Physical Therapists' above are Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialists.

+The Physical Therapist above is a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist.

Editorial Board Members

 Mitchell Batavia, PT, PhD, New York, NY, USA

Sandra Billinger, PT, PhD, Kansas City, KS, USA

Tzu-Pu Chang, MD, Hualien, Taiwan 

Carmen Cirstea, MD, PhD, Kansas City, KS, USA

Ryan Duncan, PT, DPT, Saint Louis, MO, USA

Kari Dunning, PT, PhD, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Gerard Fluet, PT, PhD, Newark, NJ, USA

Nora Fritz, PT, DPT, PhD*, Detroit, MI, USA

Emily Fox, PT, DPT, PhD*, Gainesville, FL, USA

T. George Hornby, PT, PhD, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Birgitta Langhammer, PT, PhD, Oslo, Norway

Michael Lewek, PT, PhD, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

James Lynskey, PT, PhD, Mesa, AZ, USA

Gregory Marchetti, PT, PhD, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Karen McCulloch, PT, PhD, FAPTA*, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Marousa Pavlou, PT, PhD, London, UK

Daniel Peterson, PhD, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Catherine Siengsukon, PT, PhD, Kansas City, KS, USA

Jill Stewart, PT, PhD, Columbia, SC, USA 

Gavin Williams, PT, PhD, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Jaynie Yang, PT, PhD, Edmonton, AB, Canada

* All the Physical Therapists above are Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialists.

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