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Neurology PTA Advanced Proficiency Pathway

From 2018-2021, a task force convened by the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy collaborated to create the Neurology PTA Advanced Proficiency Pathway(APP) for APTA to implement. The task force conducted an expansive survey of neurological PTA practices to guide the creation of the Neurology APP.  The task force was comprised of the following members:

  • Morris "Rick" Beato, PT, DPT, Geriatric Clinic Specialist, Neurologic Clinical Specialist (co-chair)
  • Katherine Martinez, PT, PhD, Neurologic Clinical Specialist (co-chair)
  • Amy Powell-Versteeg, PTA
  • Anson Rosenfeldt, PT, DPT, MBA, Neurologic Clinical Specialist
  • Rodney Weir, DPT, DHS, Neurologic Clinical Specialist
  • Rachel Winthrop, PTA


Are you a PTA looking to advance your clinical expertise in the field of neurology? The APTA now offers a Neurology PTA Advanced Proficiency Pathway (APP). The APP offers a structured program that allows you to advance your professional career in your own practice setting and on your own time.

What is a PTA Advanced Proficiency?
The Physical Therapist Assistant Advanced Proficiency Pathways (PTA APPs) are educational guides to help the licensed PTA gain advanced proficient knowledge and skill in a selected area of work. When enrolled in the Neurology APP, the PTA will work to gain and demonstrate expertise in the field of neurology through focused continuing education and 1-on-1 mentoring with a qualified physical therapist.

Who can apply? 
In order to apply, you must be a licensed PTA and a current APTA member. Initially, you will pay a $135 enrollment fee and successfully complete several designated APTA Learning Center courses (7 contact hour requirement).

What is involved in the process?
Once enrolled, you have five years to complete the following:

  • 60 contact hours of continuing education coursework (online or in person) relating to the neurological field.
  • Completion of mentored clinical experiences with knowledge/skills assessments, conducted with your designated clinical mentor.
  • 2,000 clinical hours of work experience in the neurological field.
  • Final program portfolio review fee: $135.

To learn more, please visit the APTA website or email Derek Stepp.

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