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Highlighted Abstracts

Below are highlighted abstracts on different diagnoses with a supplementary corresponding resource to assist in telehealth practice. Posted dates are noted for time frame reference.

Telehealth KT to Practice

Fall Prevention (posted November 2022)
Consultative Care (posted October 2022)
Outcome Measures (posted September 2022)
Acquired Brain Injury (posted August 2022)
Traumatic Brain Injury (posted July 2022)
Spinal Cord Injury and Cardiovascular Health (posted June 2022)
Multiple Sclerosis (posted May 2022)
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (posted April 2022)
Vestibular Rehabilitation (posted March 2022)
Stroke (posted February 2022)
Wellness and Parkinson’s Disease (posted January 2022)
Telehealth Research (posted December 2021)
Getting Started in Telehealth (posted November 2021)

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Knowledge Translation

ANPT Conference Poster: Mobile Applications in Neurologic Clinical Practice - October 2022
ANPT telehealth taskforce members evaluated several mobile health applications that are available for neurological PT clinical practice for assessment, treatment and education. Click here to access the poster.


Telehealth Evidence Summaries

Current evidence (2017-2022) on telehealth in specific neurological conditions were systematically gathered and evaluated by two independent reviewers using the Oxford Center for Evidence-Based Medicine (OCEB) Levels of Evidence tool.[1] The methodological quality of the articles was assessed using the PEDro scale and a 16-item quality assessment checklist. [2,3]


  1. Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine. Jeremy Howick, Iain Chalmers, Paul Glasziou, Trish Greenhalgh, Carl Heneghan, Alessandro Liberati, Ivan Moschetti, Bob Phillips, and Hazel Thornton. “The 2011 Oxford CEBM Levels of Evidence (Introductory Document)”.
  2. Maher CG, Sherrington C, Herbert RD, Moseley AM, Elkins M. Reliability of the PEDro scale for rating quality of randomized controlled trials. Physical therapy. 2003 Aug 1;83(8):713-21.
  3. Gard E, Lyman A, Garg H. Perinatal Incontinence Assessment Tools: A Psychometric Evaluation and Scoping Review. J Womens Health (Larchmt). 2022 Aug;31(8):1208-1218. doi: 10.1089/jwh.2021.0353. Epub 2022 Feb 25. PMID: 35230163.
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