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  1. The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) members.
  2. Term of office will be three (3) years.
  3. One new member shall be elected each year.
  4. If a term is vacant, the Board of Directors will appoint an individual to complete the term of office.
  5. The senior member of the committee shall serve as chair, unless otherwise designated by the Board of Directors.
  6. The Board liaison is the Secretary.



    1. The Nominating Committee, together with the Member and Public Relations Committee, strives to increase membership, foster early involvement within the Academy, and maintain a pool of qualified individuals willing to serve the Academy within both elected and non-elected capacities in accordance with the mission of the Academy.
    2. Through innovative means of personal contact and networks, the Nominating Committee identifies members who are willing to serve in elected & non-elected positions within the Academy and its SIGs.
    3. From within this membership pool, the Nominating Committee works to fill elected positions with qualified personnel, while identifying, mentoring, and developing leaders for the future.
    4. Year 1 and Year 2 Academy Nominating Committee members responsibilities:
      1. Identifies members willing to serve the Academy for a three-year term
      2. Identifies/contacts potential Academy candidates, determines willingness/eligibility for election,
      3. Follows up with members interested in running for Academy open positions
      4. Facilitates member involvement in the Academy/SIG activities in conjunction with Member and Public Relations Committee and theGet Connected’ program
      5. Facilitates development of the Academy and SIG election slates, in a coordinated effort between Academy & SIG Nominating Committees (SIG NC)
      6. Liaisons between the Academy Nominating Committee and a designated SIG NC, establishes and maintains communication with the SIG NC chair throughout the year.
      7. Maintains formal (conference call) & informal (voice/email) communication with their assigned SIG NC chair regarding progress at the SIG level, at least quarterly
      8. Funnels any potential SIG candidates to the appropriate SIG NC Chair
      9. Provides report to Nominating Committee Academy Chair following meeting(s)
      10. Partners with the Executive Office on the election process and timeline.
      11. Attends CSM and appropriate Academy meetings, and serves in Academy booth service at meetings, if possible
      12. Participates in Nominating Committee conference calls, as requested
      13. Becomes familiar with all Nominating Committee procedures
      14. Actively participates in Academy leadership and development
      15. Year 2 member will mentor and support year 1 member
      16. Contacts SIG chairs and SIG NC chairs to inform them of election results
      17. Partners with Committee to communicate the election results to those on the ballot. Approved template letter language will be used to send election results emails



  3. Serves as liaison to the Academy Board of Directors and Membership and Public Relations Committee.
  4. Communicates with the Secretary as necessary and/or required, regarding committee activities and progress towards goals.
  5. Attends (or sends prepared alternate to) CSM and all pertinent Board of

    Directors, Nominating Committee, and Member and Public Relations Committee meetings.

  6. Schedules, arranges (location, time, agenda) conducts, and records all minutes of all Nominating Committee meetings including monthly conference calls and meeting at CSM.
  7. Presents the slate at CSM ANPT business meeting and requests nominations from the floor.
  8. Partners with the Executive Office to conduct elections by electronic ballot.
  9. Leads the Nominating Committee to communicate the election results to those on the ballot.Approved template letter language will be used to send election results emails.
  10. Submits Leadership Progress reports to the Executive Office per Executive Director’s call for reports in December and June of each year. This will include activities and objectives accomplished and strategic goals for the following year.
  11. Partners with the Executive Office on communicating election results to JNPT and the ANPT newsletter.
  12.                                                                      Updated Sept 2020
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