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1. Maintains a record of all official actions and decisions of the SIG.
a. Records the minutes of all SIG meetings and conference calls.
b. Submits minutes of SIG meetings (CSM, AC, Retreats, conference calls) to the SIG officers and the Executive Officer within twenty one (21) days of the meeting.
2. Attends the SIG meeting with the Section Vice President at CSM.
3. Assists the Chair in preparation and submission to the Board of Directors a yearly plan for the SIG.
4. Coordinates updating of Policy & Procedures Manual with the Vice President of Neurology Section.
5. Ensures currency of SIG website links and content every 6 months at minimum.
6. Provides for orientation of a successor.


A. Each SIG officer provides for smooth transition by acquainting the newly elected officer with pertinent information, materials, and procedures. This should occur within 6 weeks of election. SIG chairs (incoming/outgoing) should meet at Annual Conference, or by phone. Other SIG officers (incoming/outgoing) should meet by phone.
B. The template for orientation includes (but is not limited to):
1. mission/vision/goals as appropriate
2. job duties
3. timelines
4. current initiatives
5. current challenges (e.g., use select sections of Policy & Procedure manual such as job description, calendar, strategic plan)
6. role as mentor to others, including newly elected officers

C. Following this incoming/outgoing orientation, SIG chairs should be contacted by Board liaison to formalize relationship, review template, answer questions, establish communication schedule/mechanism (by end of August). In addition, the Section Vice President will provide an orientation to the Section for all committee chairs by early September.

D. SIGs should hold a conference call with all SIG officers soon after orientation. In order to preserve institutional memory the retired SIG chair will serve in a formal advisory capacity to the new SIG chair for one year.

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