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ANPT Research Committee

Research is critical to the advancement of neurologic rehabilitation. Equally important is the translation of relevant research to the practice of neurologic physical therapy.  Information about research training, funding, and resources for clinical translation are provided in this section.

Director of Research

Patrick Sparto, PT, PhD
University of Pittsburgh 

Research Committee Chair

Allison Hyngstrom PT, PhD

Marquette University 


Committee Members

Eric Anson PT, PhD
University of Rochester

Emily Fox, PT, PhD* (Chair-elect)
University of Florida

Trisha Kesar, PT, PhD
Emory University

Denise Peters, PT, PhD
University of Vermont

Louis Awad, PT, PhD

Boston University


Nora Fritz, PT, DPT, PhD*

Wayne State University


Antoinette Domingo, PT, PhD

San Diego State University



Research in Review Editorial Team

Trisha Kesar, PT, PhD (Co-Chair)
Emory University

Antoinette Domingo, PT, PhD (Co-Chair)

San Diego State University


Evan Papa PT, DPT, PhD

Idaho State University

Brendan Dougherty PT, PhD

University of Minnesota


*All the Physical therapists above are Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialists.


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