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ANPT APTA House of Delegates

In 2020, the APTA House of Delegates provided approval for 2 voting seats to each APTA Component. The ANPT Board of Directors set up the Academy's representation with the ANPT Secretary as the Chief Delegate, and an elected ANPT member for a three year term as the Delegate. The ANPT President will serve as the alternate. In 2021, Michelle Sauer was elected as the ANPT Delegate and Kate Kugler, current Board Secretary as the Chief Delegate. To learn more about the APTA House of Delegate click here.

The Delegates will participate in the online motion discussions, attend virtual town hall meetings leading up to the House and are required to attend House of Delegate sessions. As a way to ensure the Academy member's voices are heard, the feedback form below is available to submit to the delegates. The APTA 2022 House of Delegate Motions Packet has been released. Click here to review the packet. If you have feedback on a particular motion or candidate please enter the information below. You do not need to enter your contact information to submit. 

APTA 2022 Election Slate

Below is the list of candidates and the APTA position for which they are running.
1. Secretary: Marcus Kip Schick, PT, DPT, MBA
2. Vice Speaker: Kyle Covington, PT, DPT, PhD
3. Director: John David Childs, PT, DPT, PhD, MBA, FAPTA
4. Director: Carmen Cooper-Oguz, PT, DPT, MBA
5. Director: Deirdre (Dee) Daley, PT, DPT, MSHPE
6. Director: Heather Renee Jennings, PT, DPT
7. Director: Craig Johnson, PT, MBA
8. Director: Robert (Bob) Latz, PT, DPT
9. Director: Christopher Lee Petrosino, PT, PhD
10. Nominating Committee: Tracy Porter, PT, DPT, EdD
11. Nominating Committee: Jennifer Marie Ryan, PT, DPT, MS
12. Nominating Committee: Michael Ojiabo Ukoha, PT, DPT

If you would like one of the ANPT Delegates to follow up with you please enter your contact information below.
The feedback received will be used in conjunction with candidate materials, interviews and further discussion with the other APTA Components.
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