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Resources for Multiple Health Conditions

Teaching examples (many lend themselves to virtual delivery) from the ANPT Compendium for Teaching Professional Level Physical Therapy Neurologic Content, v. 2016 

Podcasts: Browse all free ANPT podcasts on the ANPT Synapse Education Center

Podcast: Music Therapy in Balance Rehabilitation with Brian Harris

  • An interview with Brian Harris, the CEO and Founder of MedRhythms. He discusses the foundation of music in rehabilitation of balance in neurologic patients and the work of their organization. For more information on music rehabilitation visit MedRhythms  and read the article Thaut, M. H., Rice, R. R., Braun Janzen, T., Hurt-Thaut, C. P., & McIntosh, G. C. (2019). Rhythmic auditory stimulation for reduction of falls in Parkinson’s disease: a randomized controlled study. Clinical Rehabilitation, 33(1), 34

Clinical Practice Guideline: A Core Set of Outcome Measures for Adults With Neurologic Conditions Undergoing Rehabilitation

  • Additional resources:
    • Pocket Cards for Interpretation of Core Measure Scores
    • Knowledge Translation Report Card for Patient Education and Shared Decision Making
    • Recommended Standardized Administration of the Core Measures:
    • Quick Guide for Administration of all Measures
    • Environmental Set Up for Core Measures Administration: Tips for Success

High Intensity Locomotor Training Resources for Clinicians

  • Heart Rate Reserve Calculator 
  • Heart Rate Max Calculator
  • Heart Rate Intensity Guide
  • Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring Device Choices
  • Borg Rating Scale

Movement System Diagnoses - free ANPT online courses

  • Movement System 1 - Diagnoses in Neurologic Physical Therapy
  • Introduction and overview of recommendations from the ANPT Movement System Task Force
  • Movement System 2 - Task Analysis in Neurologic Physical Therapy
  • The ANPT Movement System Task Force developed an evidence-based framework for conducting task analyses for individuals with neurological disorders. In this webinar, we will present our proposed framework and discuss implications for implementation into entry-level curricula and clinical practice. The tasks used in this framework – sitting, standing, sit to stand, walking, step ups, and reach grasp/manipulation – were chosen following a consensus process amongst the task force (see Hedman, Quinn, Gill-Body et al 20171).
  • Movement System 3 - Balance Diagnoses in Neurologic Physical Therapy
  • The ANPT Movement System Task Force has developed an initial set of movement system diagnoses applicable to individuals with balance deficits. In this webinar, the development and descriptions of these proposed diagnostic labels will be presented. Case examples will be used to demonstrate how these balance diagnoses can be applied in practice.

Wheelchair Seating and Mobility 10 free ANPT courses 

  • Overview
  • Sitting Posture
  • Pressure Injuries
  • Exam & Eval Part 1 Evaluation, Assessment & Screening
  • Exam & Eval Part 2: Physical Evaluation
  • Exam & Eval Part 3 Assessment & Plan of Care
  • Terms and Definitions, Dimensions and Angles: An Organizational Framework
  • Introduction to Seating Technologies
  • Introduction to Wheeled Mobility Technologies
  • Documentation for Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Technologies


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