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My Wheelchair Guide app

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United Spinal Association guide for user friendly resources with topics of "get, use,  maintain, health and resources".



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"Rolling the ADA Forward"- on demand

Learning Outcomes:
Participants will be able to articulate an overview of the process involved in passing legislation for improved access to mobility equipment.
At the conclusion of this session attendees will be able to identify three resources for understanding complex rehabilitation technology (CRT).
Participants will be able to list at least two practical strategies to implement into their service delivery related to advocating for improved access to CRT.


"Maintaining Your Ride"

  Now, more than ever, is an important time to be thinking about how to keep cushions, manual and power wheelchairs clean!  We are all washing our hands more than ever, and wheelchair users and clinicians who work with them need to understand how to apply this to wheelchairs.  
     Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) requires attention, care and maintenance to make sure it can perform to the highest capacity for each individual.  the more that an individual can manage and take care of equipment, the longer it will last as well.


Educational Needs Assessment for the AT/SWM SIG:


The AT/SWM SIG would like to better understand your education needs and what format(s) of education and resources are most helpful to you.


We would appreciate your taking this survey regarding seating and mobility education for clinicians!  From your survey response, we hope to gain a better understanding of what wheelchair seating and mobility topics are typically covered during a clinician's formal education. The information collected in this survey will guide our efforts in providing education/resources that best meet your needs in clinical practice.


This survey is anonymous. If you choose to participate, it will take around 5 minutes to complete. Thank you for your interest!  Please use the link to begin the survey.



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