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by Andrea Miller | Dec 06, 2021

The International Neurological Physical Therapy Association is forming a group to plan the first INPA virtual zoom meeting/conference next year for either November 5 or 6, 2022 and would like to recruit team members from all member countries. Here is what is needed:

1. Five members to serve on the program committee:

  • To plan the program
  • Recruit speakers
  • Solicit and obtain consent from the speakers for recorded presentations
  • To develop the online program
  • Liaise with the communication committee for advertising the program
  • Obtain the slides in advance for backup
  • Work with the speakers to ensure that they can operate the technology of zoom

2. Four members to serve on the communications committee for the meeting. You would be responsible for:

  • Developing materials for posting on social media
  • Monitoring the social media posts successes or failures
  • Updating posts to get international excitement about our first meeting
  • Assisting with the delivery of the program on the day of the event
  • Liaising with the communications workgroup to post materials
  • Assisting with technology and programming on the day of the event

3. Three members to serve on the technology committee for the meeting who will work with our executive officer with:

  • Developing the registration site
  • Helping to determine fees
  • Designing the registration page
  • Providing an e-certificate for our member delegates to the meeting

The conference team made up of the three committees will be led by Prof Sue Whitney, Vice President of INPA.

Speakers and volunteers will be volunteering their time and will not be paid. This conference is designed to connect the global NPT community and raise funds so we may do more for our members.

If you are interested or someone else that you know would like to volunteer, please contact Betty Cassidy, INPA Secretary, at by the end of December, and let her know which committee you are interested in serving on. Please include a few sentences about why you might have expertise that could help your chosen committee(s).

Thank you for considering INPAs request.

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