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Disruptions to the neuro-musculoskeletal systems that result in balance dysfunction affect individuals across the lifespan and is a common impairment in all neurologic disorders. Significant strides and money have been put forth towards falls and fall prevention in the older adult, however, the contribution of neurologic disorders to this is somewhat unknown and not an identified priority of national efforts. The intent of this SIG is to raise the awareness of the impact of neurologic impairments in falls and fall prevention and improve our understanding of assessment and interventions for balance dysfunction and fall risk and prevention in neurologic disorders.

Mission & Objectives

The Mission of the Balance and Falls Special Interest Group (BF SIG) is to provide a forum for APTA Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy members who have a common interest in the promotion of health, wellness, optimal function, and quality of life for individuals with balance disorders or who are at risk for falls. The primary objective of the BF SIG is to create and maintain effective mechanisms for the collection, dissemination, and discussion of information related to the prevention and effective treatment of balance disorders. The SIG serves as a liaison between the APTA, health care providers, national health organizations, and the public. The BF SIG is committed to facilitating advances in physical therapy for patient management, education, research and health care policy that reflect the needs of those we serve.


  • Provide an avenue of communication and networking for clinicians, educators, and researchers working with or interested in balance promotion and fall prevention.
  • Facilitate publication of articles and information regarding balance and falls in Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy publications.


  • Facilitate clinical and basic science research in the area of balance and falls.
  • Assist in establishing a network for communicating the results of research.


  • Assist the public relations efforts of the APTA by support and organization of activities that promote physical therapy services for persons with balance problems leading to falls.
  • Support the publication of articles, book reviews, and reprints of reports and articles related to balance and falls.


  • Monitor legislation that would have an impact on the delivery of quality physical therapy services to persons with balance impairments leading to falls. 
  • Monitor changes in reimbursement systems that affect physical therapy services provided to persons with balance impairments leading to falls.



Melissa S. Fong Doyle, PT,DPT,NCS


Julie Schwertfeger, PT, MBA


Debbie Espy, PT, PhD


 Ann Reinthal, PT, PhD, NCS


Marcia Thompson, PT, DPT, DSc (Chair)

Tanvi Bhatt, PT, PhD                   Evan Papa, PT, DPT, PhD     
E-mail:              E-mail:


Website coordinator

Rene' Crumley,PT,DPT,NCS


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Melissa S. Fong Doyle, PT,DPT,NCS

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