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Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy Strategic Plan 2018-2020


Empower our members to optimize movement system performance for those impacted by neurologic conditions.


To be the leading innovators in neurologic physical therapy practice, education, and research.  


  • Service - To the profession and to those we serve
  • Knowledge translation - To connect evidence to care and care to evidence
  • Innovation - To drive advancements in research, education, and practice
  • Collaboration - To pursue meaningful partnerships
  • Professional development - To grow leaders in the profession


  • Development of clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) and other evidence-based documents targeted toward clinically relevant questions
  • Knowledge translation activities to support the implementation of CPGs into practice
  • Knowledge translation training and grants to support specific knowledge translation projects
  • Establishment of the Synapse Education Center with development of online educational opportunities that support dissemination of research findings and clinical challenges
  • Ongoing commitment to face-to-face educational offerings which meet clinician needs and grow academy leaders
  • Ongoing commitment and encouragement to dialog between researchers and clinicians through funding support and opportunity for presentation of results
  • Increasing depth and breadth of advocacy efforts to influence the climate impacting practice, education, and research
  • First ever, International Vestibular conference bringing together interdisciplinary researchers, educators, and practitioners
  • Ongoing commitment to clinical specialization, residency, and fellowship development to add depth to the practice environment
  • Increasing outreach to members through special interest group activities, bringing key practice knowledge to the field


#1 Translating evidence into practice to ensure high value care with input from practitioners to inform future research.

Initial Actions Steps

  • Implement “clinical point of view” within all JNPT articles
  • Through a national campaign, disseminate one critical, high impact area of evidence to clinicians and educators
  • Develop and deliver educational training materials on utilizing and implementing research evidence into didactic instruction and practice

#2 Communicating within ANPT and with providers of physical therapy.

Initial Action Steps

  • Create efficient systems for training, orientating, and documentation (policy) access for leadership and new members (e.g. welcome packets, prioritize and disseminate key components)
  • Leverage student engagement/excitement to improve social media presence
  • Develop strategies for dissemination of information to enhance practice (to members and non-members) considering use of students to assist

#3 Communicating and collaborating with external stakeholders in ways that are sustainable, effective, and accessible.

Initial Action Steps

  • Hire a public relations expert
  • Develop accessible resources for consumers
  • Strengthen and formalize ambassador/liaison programs


ANPT Strategic Plan 2018-2020

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