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Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy Strategic Plan 2012-2016


The mission of the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy is to promote optimal recovery, wellness and quality of life in persons with movement dysfunction due to neurologic conditions through advancement of evidence-based physical therapy practice, education, and research.   


The Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy will enable a collaborative network of consumers, clinicians, investigators, and others to enhance practice, influence policy, and be a leading partner in global rehabilitation communities to promote excellence in physical therapy practice.

Action Plan

Goal 1

Advance the use of evidence into daily clinical physical therapy practice using a systematic feasible approach.    


1.1 Provide methods for identifying current application of information from all educational offerings (regional courses, online courses, webinars) in daily clinical practice. 
1.2 Explore mechanisms to facilitate translation and integration of research into daily clinical practice by 2016.   
1.3 Increase the number of clinician/academic partnerships to facilitate ongoing behavioral change (consistently applying the evidence in daily practice).
1.4 Partner with APTA to suggest and develop topics related to Neurologic Physical Therapy in PT Now.

Goal 2

Expand membership and enhance participation activities within the Academy to meet the needs of the community of Neurologic practioners.


2.1. Increase membership in the Academy by 30% and reduce attrition rate by 50%. 
2.2. Increase opportunities for service within the Academy membership.

Goal 3

Increase competence and expertise for physical therapy practice with persons with neurologic conditions in all clinical settings.


3.1. The number of neurological residencies will increase from 13 (2011) to 40. 
3.2 Explore the need for and feasibility of the creation of a neurological fellowship.  
3.3  The number of Certified Neurological Clinical Specialists will increase from 954 to 1250.  
3.4  By 2016 there will be 10 Academy EDGE Outcome Measures Recommendations available for members on

Goal 4

Influence policy to increase access to and reimbursement for neurologic physical therapy services and to expand funding for research to enhance evidence-based practice.


4.1. Identify potential Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy internal and external partners to our organization
4.2  Create a more effective partnership with APTA Government Affairs/Public Policy and Advocacy Committee office to collaborate on activities that lead to improved access to neurologic physical therapy services. 
4.3  Partner with at least 2 other organizations to collaborate on ways to improve access to physical therapy for patients with neurological dysfunction
4.4  Develop and implement a plan to work with the chapters to more effectively impact legislation process that improves access to physical therapy services.   4.5  Identify and collaborate with at least two key partners to improve funding for research that demonstrates the effectiveness of physical therapy for patients with neurologic dysfunction that helps to promote consumer access to appropriate services .  
4.6  Increase member outreach to enhance understanding of the importance of being active in the legislative process as a mechanism to improve access to physical therapy. 
4.7  Develop resources that members can use to reach out to legislators to improve patient access to care.

Goal 5

Solicit, create, deliver and evaluate innovative and accessible educational offerings to promote evidence-based neurologic physical therapy practice.


5.1 Increase Academy developed educational offerings by 2 per year with geographical diversity of offerings.
5.2 Develop a plan to deliver accessible, efficient and cost-effective online  content that meets the educational needs of members 5.2.1 Develop online content with neurology-specific focus.
5.3 Facilitate direct application to clinical practice in all educational offerings developed by the Academy. 
5.4 Evaluate current application of information from all educational offerings (regional courses, online courses, webinars) in daily clinical practice.
5.6 Develop efficient systems to market and promote educational offerings to members and non-members. 
5.7 Establish a task force to revise and improve the Compendium for entry level education. 

Goal  6

Prioritize the research themes necessary to move the field forward and facilitate creation of new knowledge that is accessed and utilized, and informs neurologic physical therapy practice and education.


6.1 Review, evaluate, and prioritize research themes in the context of change.
6.2 Improve funding for neurologic rehabilitation research consistent with the research priorities set by the Academy.

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