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ANPT Member Awards and Accolades 2018

The Academy is proud of our members' Academy and National contributions both to the profession and the patients we serve. We extend our heartfelt appreciation and admiration for the 2018 Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy Award and national American Physical Therapy Award recipients.

2018 Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy Award Recipients

The Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy celebrates excellence in research, scholarship, clinical practice and service activities by honoring our members for their achievements and successes over the past years at the annual Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy Business Meeting held at the Combined Sections Meeting, held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Service to the Academy

    Anne Galgon, PT, PhD, NCS:

Dr. Anne Galgon has demonstrated a high level of service in regards to her contributions to the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy, the American Physical Therapy Association, and the profession as a whole. Dr. Galgon is a committed leader in the vestibular special interest group. She has rose in the ranks starting as vice chair and to chairman, a position that she currently holds. She has been instrumental in
nurturing the educational development of the special interest group members, for example, implementing and improving the “Abstract of the Week” and “Dizzy Pub Fare” publications.

Dr. Galgon’s impact has far reaching applications as well on a national and international level. She has been a part of developing the very first Vestibular Practice Guidelines and has been actively involved in the development of canalith repositioning treatment coding for reimbursement. On an international level, she is a lead member of the Conference Planning Committee for the inaugural International Vestibular
meeting to be held in Chicago in 2018.

Impressively, Dr. Galgon is still involved in clinical practice and mentorship of clinicians treating patients with vestibular disorders despite her many responsibilities and involvement with professional organizations. Her colleagues report she takes additional time out of her day to educate others on diagnosis and treatment utilizing the best evidenced-based practice for vestibular disorders so that every consultation is a learning experience. It is without reservation that the awards committee honors Dr.
Galgon’s accomplishments to service in the profession with this award.

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Excellence in Neurologic Education

      Lois Hedman, PT, DScPT, MSH

Dr. Lois Hedman demonstrates excellence in education as a long-time educator in the neurologic physical therapy and neuroscience curriculum at Northwestern University. Dr. Hedman is a consummate educator with a wide reaching impact on her students, her academic program and the field of neurologic physical therapy. As an educator she is a role model and a mentor, with a gift to explain complicated neurological concepts comprehensively and creatively. Dr. Hedman played an integral role in the development of a formal mentorship program at Northwestern University where she continues to mentor faculty and students alike, and continues an ongoing dedication to service at the University level.

As a leader in the field of education she epitomizes the APTA vision statement “Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve human experience”. Dr. Hedman continues to lead the way with development of frameworks for motor control and movement analysis and movement system diagnoses with her leadership on the Movement System Task Force of the ANPT. Her involvement as a collaborator
in producing the “Compendium for Teaching Professional Level Physical Therapy Neurologic Content” and development of the “Neurologic Practice Essentials” is impressive, also developing continuing education programming related to the content. The impact of Dr. Hedman’s educational contributions and clinical decision making in neurologic physical therapy are profound, making her most deserving of this award.

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Excellence in Neurologic Research

     Catherine Lang, PT, PhD

Dr. Catherine Lang has established herself as a productive research scientist within the realm of stroke rehabilitation with 101 peer reviewed publications that were cited 4,974 times with an impressive h-index of 36 and i10 index = 73 at the time of this award nomination. Since 2005 she has received continuous NIH funding and currently has two R01 grants for which she is the PI and four other NIH funded research investigations that she serves as a co-investigator or consultant. She has earned the designation of Professor at Washington University in the Program of Physical Therapy, the Program of Occupational Therapy, and the Department of Neurology. She also serves as the Associate Director of the Movement Science PhD Program at Washington University.

In addition to her impressive research productivity evident through publication history and grant funding, she has disseminated her work consistently during national and international invited lectures. Additionally, she has shown a commitment to teaching, advising, and mentoring future PT's, OT's, and research scientists. Her letters of recommendation highlight her contributions to an international "think tank"; which aims to develop an algorithm for upper extremity stroke rehabilitation and her clinical and
research venture to develop stroke rehabilitation standardization across the healthcare spectrum. Dr. Lang's research contributions demonstrate the impact of translating science into clinical practice and make her worthy of the Excellence in Neurologic Research Award.

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Clinical Excellence in Neurology

     Amber Walter, PT, DPT, NCS

Dr. Amber Walter demonstrates clinical excellence while providing evidence based care in the neurologic-based outpatient setting of Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation Centers in Mechanicsville, Virginia. She has made a significant impact in a variety of roles and across multiple patient populations with neurologic impairment. Her reach extends from PTA program involvement to State and National advocacy in addition to the considerable clinical impact she has within her organization. Through her current position as a Knowledge Broker and via her past roles as a clinical practice guideline developer and career development specialist, Dr. Walter has clearly been a valuable asset to Sheltering Arms and to the patients they serve. The letters of support for Dr. Walter attested to her contributions within an organizational culture designed to help populations with neurologic compromise thrive. Her work in outcome measure adoption and technology implementation has influenced the practice of staff therapists
and neurologic residents. Dr Walter has directly impacted practice guidelines for Sheltering Arms patient populations including multiple sclerosis, limb amputation, concussion, vestibular rehabilitation, and Parkinson’s Disease. She currently supports the mission and vision of her organization by mediating between producers and users of knowledge, in particular with respect to advanced technologies for walking recovery.

Dr. Walter is a 2007 graduate of Old Dominion University and an ABPTS board certified neurologic clinical specialist in addition to being neuro-developmental treatment certified and an Indego ® exoskeleton specialist.

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Barnes and Leahy Promotion of Doctoral Studies (PODS) Awards

    Mary Lou Barnes Award for outstanding PODS II application in postprofessional studies within neurology:

  • Timothy Faw, PT, DPT, NCS. Ohio State University. Project Title: Myelin Plasticity During Motor Learning and Spinal Cord Injury. Mentor: D. Michelle Basso, PT, EdD
  • Patricia Leahy Award for outstanding PODS I application in postprofessional studies within neurology:
    • Anne Palermo, DPT. University of Miami. Project Title: The Relationship of Orhtostatic Hypotension and Maximal Inspiratory Pressure in Spinal Cord Injury. Mentor: Neva J. Kirk-Sanchez, PT, PhD
  • In addition to the Barnes and Leahy Awards, in 2017 the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy funded 2 additional PODS II Awards through the Foundation for Physical Therapy Neurology Endowment Fund:
    • Katie Butera, DPT. University of Florida. Project Title: Pain as a Nervous System Disease. Mentor: Steven Z. George, PT, PhD
    • Jody Feld, DPT. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Project Title: Prediciting Ambulatory Activity in Community-Dwelling Stroke Survivors Using Novel Measures of Dual-Task Walking Performance and Situational Awareness at Hospital Discharge. Mentor: Prudence Plummer, PT, PhD

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